Family GEOMETRIDAE...Inchworm or Geometer Moths

Moth Taxonomy: The taxonomy of moths has been changing in recent years. Many species have changed generic names, or moved to a different subfamily.  To get an overview of a more current arrangement see for example the list at  MOTHS OF EASTERN CANADA The arrangement below follows the older 1983 Hodges checklist. Older names are in parenthesis. I have not made  all such changes.

may be 6273 Macaria (Itame) pustularia Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth .. may be 6331 Macaria (Semiothisa) promiscuata  Promiscuous Angle
Marcaria sp.  Smaller, different spot pattern, than above. Could this be M. aemulataria? may be  6353 Macaria (Semiothisa) multilineata  Many-lined Angle

6439 Hypomecis umbrosaria Umber Moth

.. ..6586 Anacamptodes defectaria Brown-shaded Gray

..  6588 Iridopsis larvaria Bent-line Gray

6590 Anavitrinella pmapinaria Common Gray
  6597 Ectropis crepuscularia Small Engrailed may be 6598 Protoboarmia porcelaria  Porcelain Gray
...... may be all be 6620 Melanolophia canadaria Canadian Melanolophia showing variation
  ....6599 Epimecis hortaria Tulip-tree Beauty  Lighter and darker morphs
6642 Cochisea rigidaria, Arizona .. 6654 Hypagyrtis unipunctata One-spotted Variant, Second example seems extreme. Could it be something else?
may be 6658 Phigalia titea The Half-wing  may be 6660 Phigalia Strigataria Small Phigalia

     6667 Lomographa vestaliata White Spring Moth

may be 6677 Cabera erythemaria Yellow-dusted Cream Moth
may be 6684 Drepanulatrix bifilata, Arizona may be 6710 Stergamatae dolliata, Arizona

..may be 6720 Lytrosis unitaria Common Lytrosis Confusing variation.

6726 Euchlaena obtusaria
6733 Euchlaena amoenaria Deep Yellow Euchlaena HW seems to have an extra tooth. may be 6740 Xanthotype urticaria False Crocus Geometer  

6763 Phaeoura (Nacophora) quernaria Oak Beauty

6796 Campea perlata Pale Beauty
6818 Selenia kentaria Kent's Geometer .. may be 6826 Metarranthis hypochraria Common Metarranthis  
  may be 6825 Metarranthis indeclinata Pale Metarranthis  .. may be 6837 Probole alienaria  
.. 6839 Probole nepiasaria Heath Probole Montgomery Co. MD. Appears to be this species, but was NOT in acid soil habitat.  
  6843 Plagodis fervidaria Fervid Plagodis 6844 Plagodis alcoolaria Hollow-spotted Plagodis
6873 Caripeta ocellaria, Arizona  
.... 6885 Besma quercivoraria Oak Besma   ..  6892 Lambdina pellucidaria Yellow-headed Looper Moth
..may be 6941 Eusarca confusaria Confused Eusarca ....  6963 Tetracis Crocallata Yellow Slant-line showing variation
....  6964 Tetracis cachexiata White Slant-line   
......6966 Eutrapela clemataria Curve-toothed Geometer  
 .. Color like Eutrpelia clemataria above, but HW lacking the curved teeth.   

......may all be 6982 Prochoerodes transversata  Large Maple Spanworm Moth There seems to be much individual variation, according to photos on the internet.

7033  Nemoria lixaria Red-bordered Emerald

........  7046 Nemoria bistriaria  Brown spring form, 3 examples
......  may be 7046 Nemoria bistriaria Green summer morph


   Synchlora aerata Wavy-lined Emerald

Wavy-lined Emerald

7074 Chlorochlamys phyllinaria, Hidalgo Co TX

  7136 Cyclophora packardi Packard's Wave 7146 Haematopis grataria  Chickweed Geometer  

may be 7147 Calothysanis amaturaria Cross-lined Wave 

7158 Scopula purata Chalky Wave Very small and very white. The violet tinge is an effect of the camera flash.

....7159 Scopula limboundata Large Lace-Border

may be 7169 Scopula inductata Soft-lined Wave 

may be 7196 Eulithis diversilineata Lesser Grapevine Looper
may be 7197 Eulithis gracilineata Greater Grapevine Looper Moth may be 7207 Eulithis explanata White Eulithis, Acadia, ME Note 'lichen" camoflage.

 .. 7290 Coryphista meadii, form badiaria Barberry Geometer 

may be 7293 Rheumaptera hastata Spear-marked Black, Acadia ME Rheumaptera subhastata very similar.

 may be White-ribboned Carpet Mesoleuca ruficillata 7307 Acadia ME

may be 7388 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Red Twin-Spot 

may be 7390 Xanthorhoe lacustrata Toothed Brown Carpet.  Identified as Sharp-angled Carpet (Euphyia unangulata), by Hugh McGuinness

7416 Orthonama centrostrigaria Bent-line Carpet 

  7430 Trichodezia albovittata White-striped Black

may be 7437 Operophtera bruceata 
7440 Eubaphe mendica The Beggar ..7445 Horisme intestinata Brown Bark Carpet Browner and Grayer examples. Not entirely due to lighting differences.

    7647 Heterophleps triguttaria Three-spotted Fillip 

.. 7648 Dyspteria abortivaria The Bad-wing

photos and video grabs by Dave Czaplak